February 04, 2019

Raw chocolate for your CBD


If you like Hemp Extract you are probably health conscious.  And if taking care of your vessel motivates you, then you probably care not only about the purity of the Hemp Extract but that of that edible vessel which contains it.  

Chocolate is both deliciously good and healthfully good for you. All the healthy goodness is contained in dark chocolate’s deep brown cacao spice. The more concentrated the cacao the better it is for you. Chocolate is the perfect food supplement and may be one of the most complex foods found in earth. It is indeed loaded with more than 300 chemical compounds, and contains more anti-oxidants than green tea or even acai berry, blueberry and cranberry. Chocolate also contains loads of vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber and, contrary to popular belief, no sugar! The closest the chocolate you consume is to the source, i.e. cacao beans, the less processed it is, and the better the chocolate will be for your health and your palate.


Not all chocolate is created equal. The difference start with the cacao tree, the soil and other conditions it is grown in, and finally the process of turning the chocolate into bars or truffles.

Most “gourmet” chocolate or “chocolat de degustation” available in the market uses industrial processes in which premium chocolate is roasted. The roasting process which often exceeds 350 degrees Fahrenheit actually destroys the anti-oxidants and enzymes in the cacao. At Hnina we carefully control the tempering process never going over 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Our chocolate remains raw and all its healthy attributes alive and vibrant. The “killing” of the cacao often begins even earlier in the fermentation process by the cacao processors which allows damaging high temperatures by not controlling the fermentation process. A chocolate can be fully fermented at a temperature as low as 115 degrees Fahrenheit.


Organic raw dark Chocolate CBD Madames

Also, most premium “raw” chocolate makers strays from the source bean by separating the cacao mass (aka cacao liquor) into two separate ingredients, cacao powder and cacao butter, which is later reconstituted as chocolate. This makes the chocolate tempering process easier but reduces its flavors significantly. At Hnina, we use only the source cacao mass.

It took us 4 years to finally locate a farm in the Dominican Republic, the premiere source of cacao in the world, which provided us with truly raw cacao mass. It is referred to as Grand Cru or Single Origin dark chocolate. It took us 4 years to refine our artisanal way of making chocolate. We take no shortcuts and spare no expense in maximizing the healthy benefits and pure taste of our chocolate offerings.

We love what we do because we know we are giving you the best there is. The taste of our truffles comes from the quality of the raw materials and our exacting standards.


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