The CBD Issue - Demystifying Hemp Extract

June 18, 2020

Back when we started Hnina Gourmet with our flagship Truffles, we had this slightly cocky kinda funny branding campaign.
Not to blow smoke up anyone's @$$ but the fact that you are receiving this newsletter, puts you in that elite group. 

You are clearly health conscious, educated about what differentiates pure product from ordinary 
crap (excuse the gratuitous rear end references).  You are in tune with the culinary ecstasy of just a few clean, not over-sweetened, ingredients.  You are altogether enlightened.....not to mention your good looks.

So it is not surprising that many of you have become enthusiastic customers of
 HninaHemp, and keep coming back for our beautiful full-spectrum CBD versions of Hnina Gourmet's best sellers.  
And yet, some of you have yet to cross over or even visit the site.  You are here because you care about your health, and CBD really is all about health.  You can't get high from it. 

One likely explanation is that for many of you this whole CBD thing is a cloudy mysterious, perhaps even scary area and it just feels too much like pot.  Right?
Fair enough. Our fault.  We haven't done much to inform you about this new and exciting field, a true revolution in health.  So for those of you who have not already delved into the world of CBD, here is a primer.  Ready to learn?

1. CBD is a cannabinoid used for therapeutic applications and is derived from the hemp, not marijuana plant.  Both belong to the Cannabis family.  Think of it like oranges and lemons.
2. CBD is not psychoactive.  It will not get you high.  You'll appear as smart & alert as ever.  Unless you are using it as a sleep aid, in which case you will feel relaxed and experience the best sleep.
3. Cannabinoids are naturally occurring compounds found in plants, most notably Cannabis but also in Echinacea, Black Pepper, Flax, Cacao, Black Truffles & others. 
4. Cannabinoids act on the cannabinoid receptors of our nervous system's endocannabinoid system (ECS) and help our internal functions run smoothly.  Our body also produces similar compounds called endocannabinoids.
5. Another cannabinoid is THC.  It also comes from the Cannabis plant. It will get you high.  It is not detected in the lab analysis of HNINA HEMP products.
6. Cannabis Sativa plants are bred differently for various applications.  One is industrial hemp containing primarily CBD and only trace amounts of THC (under 0.3% which will not get you high).  Another is marijuana, containing very high levels of THC (5-35% which WILL get you high). 
7. CBD was federally legalized in 2018.  THC is only legal in some states.
8. The FDA has approved only one CBD oil for treatment of epilepsy. While CBD promises to be heavily used in future medicines, the FDA is very slow to approve CBD for broad use.  CBD will undoubtebly be approved by the FDA but the pharmaceutical industry is a powerful lobby that does not want CBD to go by the way of natural supplements.  There's no money in what nature provides, only in patented synthetic less effective and generally dangerous versions of nature.
9. An overwhelming body of research is showing the efficacy of CBD and its sister cannabinoids as a treatment for: pain, anxiety & depression, sleep disorders, heart disease, inflammation, acne, epilepsy & other neurological disorders, nausea & vomiting in cancer patients and many other conditions.  Some studies suggest benefits with mental disorders, substance abuse, diabetes prevention and even anti tumor and anti cancer cell spread properties. 
It is important to note that none of the health benefit statements are FDA approved.  Come on FDA.
10. How timely that just this morning we received the below infographic of CBD usage, also announcing that HninaHemp was recognized as one of the 20 Best CBD Companies for 2020.
11. Let's be even handed.  As with everything, some side effects can occur in some people, include diarrhea, changes in appetite & fatigue.  Doesn't sound too bad and none of the things you'd see on every medicine label.  It is suggested you consult your doctor for any possible medicine interactions, particularly if you're taking any with "grapefruit warnings".  Some studies suggest impact on the liver, though they are thought to have only been observed with extreme large doses given to rats.

12. Not enough research is available on use by pregnant & nursing moms and it is recommended that CBD is not used by them.  The same goes for kids though there are plenty of therapeutic reasons to provide CBD to kids under certain circumstances.  Best fully educate yourself before you do.

13. It is recommended that everyone does a bit of Googling and learn about some of the claims both pro & con.  There is a lot of great material out there.
14. There are various types of CBD.  Like food, there is whole and refined CBD and like food, whole is good and refined is not.

15. "Whole food" CBD is known as Full-Spectrum CBD aka Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract and contains other cannabinoids and terpenes that work together to provide an "entourage effect" for maximum efficacy.

16. Broad spectrum CBD is full-spectrum with any trace elements of THC removed. The extraction may however eliminate some other important compounds damaging the entourage effect. 

Some full-spectrum CBD, as the one currently used by Hnina, comes from hemp plants bred to have particularly low levels of THC.  So much so that the THC is not detectable in a lab test and yet is present in trace levels which provide the ideal entourage effect. 

16. Refined CBD is known as isolate.  It is not very effective.  A step in between is distillate which is also lacking some of the critical cannabinoids & terpenes.
17. The correct dosage is a matter of personal preference.  Beginners can experiment with a low 15-20mg.  Since there is no high or "head change", what you are looking for is a certain sense of relaxation or pain relief.  If it is not achieved within 30mins, more can be taken.  Our dosage per recommended serving is 45mg, but a lot less can do the trick.

18. Can the concentration of CBD be trusted?  Legitimate producers such as Hnina test their CBD for concentration.  Here are our lab test results.
HNINA Laboratory Test Results
Our four featured products are nearly identical to their HninaGourmet sisters.  The same certified organic ingredients:  Raw cacao, sprouted nuts & seeds, pure maple syrup & dates, real vanilla bean and that's it!

Then we add our full-spectrum CBD and activating herbs ginger, chamomile & ashwagandha which are known to interact with the cannbinoids and terpenes for an ever greater effect.

We hope this was helpful to you in gaining just a bit, or a lot, of understanding about CBD.  If you haven't taken that leap into this world, we hope you feel comfortable now. 

Given the cost of CBD these products can be more than twice the cost of their non-CBD versions, but we really want you to try them out and for the rest of this week are offering very deep discounts.

Thank you for reading and thank you for trying.

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