Life renewal: Happy Easter/Passover and bye to addictive poisonous refined sweeteners

April 04, 2018

Carmel and Julia Playing ball and grow each instant

Spring is beautiful and full of symbolism emanating not only from nature but our traditions and beliefs.  It is a time of renewal, resurrection, change, liberation & new life.  Just look around you, everything is blooming...well at least in LA, but soon enough it will everywhere (in the Northern hemisphere :)

Hnina Raw sprouted snacks are alive. Life in food makes us alive.

Whether you are celebrating nature, resurrection or liberation this week, transition is something they all have in common.  Transition is not always easy even when leading to something wonderful.  In fact, transition is often difficult and hectic. 

I like to reflect on the most meaningful transition period I have experienced, and which amply represents all of the symbolisms of this season. 

Hnina Raw Sprouted snacks are alive. Food that is alive, sugar free create life.

The first days of becoming a mother were the hardest of my life but also the richest. For the first time I became an adult responsible for two little babies that needed to be fed and taken care of. At first I had a very hard time with breastfeeding and after a C-section I was slowly recovering.

When the babies were only three months old, Ron & I were on the escalator going up to our seats at a concert hall.  Suddenly an elderly lady in front of us collapsed and fell backwards like a board...right onto us.  I grabbed her head an inch away from the metal edge of the moving stair, probably saving her life, but the force and my stance were such that my knee instantly dislocated.

I collapsed unable to move as the escalator was continuing to quickly move up and forward.  It was going to be an ugly pileup at the end.  I pushed off with my one good leg and Ron somehow managed to carry me off and put me down on the ground as the hordes rushed to their seats.  The lady came to and continued to her seat saying to her friend "At least I'm alright."  I kid you not. 

Well, here I was an invalid mom.  What I was hoping would be a couple of weeks of recovery became many months on crutches and the inability to carry my babies.  Apparently a knee dislocation is a very serious injury and far worse than a broken bone.  Doctors said I will never run, dance or ski again.  I vowed to prove them wrong and certainly that I will walk before my babies. I did...and I run, dance and ski.  But this transition was extremely difficult and required all the strength, courage and will I had.....and a husband who was called into duties ordinarily not assigned to dad. 

Hnina Healthy Gourmet organic raw dark chocolate truffles use raw cacao and sprouted nuts with no sugar or dairy.

Easter and Passover are filled with stories of difficult transitions leading to new beginnings.  I am not well qualified to provide a sermon on that....but I would like to reflect on another transition which can be difficult but very rewarding.

Most of us grew up with sweets as the ultimate reward.  Sugar gives us a surge in dopamine levels and the dopamine receptors in our brain provide us immense addictive pleasure.  There is a horrible price to pay for that pleasure as sugar is one of the most toxic substances and it will kill us. 

Transitioning to a completely refined sugar free life, and for that matter processed food free life, can be a tough process.  Yet after comes freedom from addictive substances and true appreciation for food and nourishing delicacies.

It is amazing how our taste buds change.  It does not take long before what used to be not sweet enough is just right....and often too sweet.  Before we launched the company I was already long sugar free.  My first truffle recipes were 95% dark chocolate.  I loved them just like that.  Most people thought they were not sweet husband and partner Ron too.  We used to experiment with different levels of our nourishing raw honey and pure maple syrup.  Ultimately we ended up at 88% organic raw dark chocolate.  I thought it was a bit too sweet and he thought it was still not sweet enough, but it was a compromise which I think was the right decision for most health minded chocolate eaters. 

What's funny is that now Ron thinks that not only are the truffles perfect, but he's surprised at how sweet they actually taste to him.  He's changed.  

Hnina Organic Raw dark chocolate truffles are all enclosed into compostable packaging

So the message here is don't be afraid of a transition period.  The reward awaits crutches required.

I wish everyone of you a wonderful Spring, Easter and Passover celebration.

Tons of love,

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