Why I love having Raw dark Chocolate each day... in the morning

September 13, 2018

Hnina Organic Raw Dark Chocolate feeds me

Each day of my life I am having a little bit of raw dark chocolate. Please do not expect the sweet dark chocolate that you find the store. 

Hnina organic raw dark chocolate is loaded with nutrients and and contains no refined sugar

My life is refined sugar free (including coconut sugar or agave) since I was pregnant with twins 8 years ago. 

But I love a good strong raw dark chocolate especially in the morning before or generally after my workout. 

Hnina Organic raw dark chocolate satisfies you so fast because it is loaded with nutrients

The feeling of immediate satisfaction is never reached when you eat sugar.

It makes you want more, it makes you tired, it makes you fat and makes you addicted for more. Why because sugar is deprived of nutrients and gets you empty calories. 

Hnina pure raw dark chocolate addiction keep you fit and nourished

At Hnina our position is exactly the opposite.

Get  a little bit of nourishing sweeteners and load your body with super nutrients so the feeling of satisfaction comes almost immediately after eating Hnina. It is like having a meal.

No joke our truffles are so loaded with nutrients that they will keep you out of hunger for hours. 

 Hnina pure organic raw dark chocolate truffles nourish your body and prevents hunger

Off course Hnina is a little more expensive but because you need so little, it actually becomes less expensive. 

Eating a delicious nourishing salad is like eating Hnina. It is delicious, gourmet, satisfying and gets your body the nutrients it needs to thrive. 

Sprouted nuts and greens make a delicious super nourishing meal

For us food is the reflection of the quality of the produce you choose (that's why we buy only raw organic certified GMO free non radiated, non steamed nuts and seeds) but also the respect you have for your produce so that you get the most essential nutrition and taste out of it when processing it.

Hnina Raw dark Organic chocolate is nutrients dense organic emulsifier free and loaded with nutrients

This is also the reason why we choose to use only compostable packaging and that we are so selective with the companies we work with even from a retail standpoint. WE believe that food is a serious matter and aim at associating ourselves with people who just think alike

Greens nourish you. Hnina raw dark chocolate and sprouted nuts truffle feed you.

If you feel hungry, your body may be nutrients deprived. 

Please let me know if you tried us and how you feel after having it. 

We are trying to change the way we think about food. Traceability and sustainability are everything. 

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Yes I am a sport and a dark chocolate addict. Guess what, they keep me fit, happy and alive.
Yes I am a sport and a dark chocolate addict. Guess what, they keep me fit, happy and alive.

September 07, 2018

I know that it can be very counter intuitive to think that someone who loves sports since she was a child, can eat dark chocolate every day. Yes I do it every single day...

I have been a dark chocolate addict all my life and yes, at times I was more curvaceous than others.

You know why, because I did not know what sugar could do to me. You always think, that's OK, I will burn it off tomorrow but then you do not realize all the glycation and inflammatory reactions that can happen in your body while consuming refined glucose or refined fructose. 

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Hnina Snacks Cereal
No Glyphosate here!


Hi guys...Ron here...for a change. 

This week EWG (a great consumer organization that tests products for toxins) released a report finding Roundup Glyphosate in 43 of 45 of the most popular oat cereals, granolas, snack bars and oatmeals. 

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Why I can't live a day without my Organic Raw Dark Chocolate Hnina?

August 06, 2018

Hnina Organic raw dark chocolate brick with sprouted nutsHnina organic raw dark chocolate motivates me, makes me focused, makes me happy, makes me strong for my training and helps me getting over any goals I give myself. Also, it gives me very fast this sensation of being satiated as if I ate a whole meal whereas I am still almost fasting. 

The quality of good nutritious food is what makes each one of us strive not the sugar. 



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