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Hnina's Mission


Providing the most nourishing and delicious treats using all organic raw dark chocolate, sprouted nuts & seeds, the most nourishing unrefined sweeteners and no additives whatsoever. We aim to always be best in class and bridge the gap between, health and gourmet.

HNINA was founded by Vanessa (Hnina) Morgenstern-Kenan and was soon joined by her husband Ron Kenan.

The uncompromising HNINA standard of tolerating no shortcuts and sparing no expense began with raw chocolate and sprouted nut & seed truffles.  But the market demand for purity paved the way for the launch of three new product lines; raw dark chocolate bars, raw cacao & sprouted nuts & seeds spreads and sprouted nuts & seeds snacks.

HNINA continues its mission with the launch of CBD versions of its four product lines starting with its raw chocolate bars.

French born and raised and Los Angeles based Vanessa was following the culinary traditions of her grandmothers and mother from Tunisia and Eastern Europe.  They were sprouting their nuts and using dried fruits as a base for their pastry.  Vanessa made her first raw dark chocolate truffle in 2010 while pregnant with her twins Carmel and Julia.

Vanessa was craving fine nourishing raw dark chocolate but with a family history of diabetes she needed to protect herself from gestational diabetes.

Nothing on the market addressed both her two influences, the French need for gourmet and her California need for healthy eating. 

There were no delicious raw dark chocolate truffles made with nutrient dense wholesome ingredients to feed her and her two precious babies. 

Necessity being the mother of invention she created her nourishingly decadent raw dark chocolate and sprouted nuts truffles herself.  Without any intention to commercialize her product, she became a FrancoCali artisanal raw chocolatier.


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