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HNINA Raw Dark Chocolate Pebble Bites Enclosed in Compostable Paper

At HNINA we use 100% raw organic natural and unprocessed traceable ingredients originating from both local organic farms and the world's best sources of fair-trade sustainable pure organic raw cacao, sprouted nuts, sprouted seeds, raw honey, pure maple, dates and pure organic vanilla beans.

The quality of each pure ingredient is the reason for the taste, healthy properties and overall quality of the finished product.

We tolerate no GMO's or harmful pesticides; we use no refined processed sugar, soy lecithin or dairy, no colorants or preservatives, no palm oil, vegetable oil, high fructose syrup or corn syrup, no wax or other shining agents, many of which are often present in the most popular, even high end chocolates.

For HNINA's flagship truffles product, as well as its sprouted spreads and spreads,  the organic non-radiated and unpasteurized nuts and seeds are soaked, activated or as commonly referred to, sprouted. 

We then dehydrate the sprouted nuts and seeds at low temperatures maintaining their raw state.  This painstaking and time consuming activation process increases the nutritional content and bio-availability of the nuts and seeds to our digestive system and provides improved taste and texture.  For the truffles we then lightly roast the nuts and seeds to release their aromas in our Lightly Roasted line or keep them raw for our Raw Vegan line.

Our single origin grand cru raw dark chocolate is always raw . 

Our sweeteners, pure maple, dates and raw honey, are always natural unprocessed, unrefined and non-inflammatory. 

We only use raw honey &/or pure maple syrup in our chocolate products, maple in our snacks and dates in our sprouted spreads.

We only use organic certified pure vanilla beans, never extract or synthetic substitutes.

We do not use any pasteurized or irradiated ingredients and we strive to preserve the living enzymes in each of our ingredients to make them the perfect superfoods.

We choose our sprouted nuts and sprouted seeds combinations based on taste, nutritional value, PH (alkaline vs. acidic) and protein content.

All this attention to quality is why our raw dark chocolate truffles, our raw cacao and sprouted nuts spreads, our raw chocolate bars, with and without CBD, and our sprouted nuts and our sprouted seeds snacks are so tasty yet healthy and easy to digest.

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