Orders, Returns, Refunds, Disclaimer & Governing Law

Order Processing (3 to 7 Day Process, Sprouting, Customization)
We strive to prepare your order within 3 to 5 business days depending on the day of ordering and the quantity of your order. Our last shipping day is Thursday, and for some destinations it is Wednesday.  This time is essential to allow us to germinate all our nuts and seeds, to integrate the customization options you selected and to provide you with tailor-made raw delicious gourmet chocolates and sprouted delicacies. Deliveries are generally scheduled to avoid the weekend, in particular during the hot season.

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Return of Product
Due to the hand-made and custom nature of each order, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. That stated, we do stand behind our product, and in the event our product is defective, or our shipping company's delay causes the product to arrive damaged, we will on a case by case basis review the matter and may determine that a refund or exchange is warranted. Please contact us within 2 days after receiving your order at and we will contact you promptly.

Conservation of Products and Slight Color Variation
Our raw chocolates are best kept at a temperature of around 65°F (18°C). The chocolates react to heat, sunlight and humidity. A slight variation in color may appear because of the variation of climatic and outside conditions but also if the chocolate is kept at room temperature for a while. We also do not use any emulsifiers, preservatives and waxes to combat the chocolate's natural behavior.  This "chocolate bloom" is our badge of honor and does not affect the quality, taste or safety of our handcrafted gourmet truffles.

Pricing Changes and Availability
Our product availability is directly affected by the availability of individual ingredients which may be affected by local and seasonal variations. Hnina reserves the right to make changes to its pricing to reflect changes in market supply. Our website shows the most current and up-to-date pricing on all products.

If you would like to place an order and are in a rush, please let us know via email at We will try to do everything we can to process your order ASAP. A rush charge may apply. We will notify you for your decision.

Out of stock
In the event any portion of your order is back-ordered, we will notify you immediately, and will accept any substitutions. If you wish, we will cancel the order and provide you with a full refund. 

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability 
You agree that the exclusive and sole maximum liability to Hnina arising from any product sold on the Hnina website shall be the price of the product ordered. In no event shall Hnina, its officers, employees or any other representatives be liable for special, indirect, consequential, or punitive damages related to product sold.

Hnina's products contain or are manufactured in a facility which handles nuts, tree nuts and unrefined unpasteurized honey and should therefore be avoided by people allergic to any of those ingredients. Honey should not be given to any infant under 1 year old. In no event shall Hnina, its officers, employees or any other representatives be liable for special, indirect, consequential, or punitive damages related to product consumption.

Enzymes and Roasting Process
We dehydrate all of our nuts and seeds preserving all the living enzymes and providing a crunchy texture. To considerably enhance the flavors of our chocolates, the nuts and seeds of our standard truffles are "Lightly Roasted" at a temperature of 350°F.  Please be aware that with the standard "Lightly Roasted" option you will gain in taste but may lose the inherent living enzymes that unpasteurized nuts and seeds naturally contain. Therefore, if you would like to maintain the maximum health benefits of the nuts and seeds, we recommend that you choose the default "Vegan Raw" truffles.  They will be dehydrated but not roasted.  As for the chocolate itself, it is ALWAYS raw (fermented at a temperature not exceeding 115°F) for maximum health benefit.

Governing Law
Any claim relating to Hnina's website or product shall be governed by the laws of the State of California without regard to its conflict of law provisions.

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