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Hnina Raw Dark Chocolate Boulder Pistachios + Hazelnuts Pairing with Red Wine

A good pairing of red wine and raw dark chocolate is when neither dominates the other.

A full bodied red wine will bring out the richness of the raw dark chocolate. You can then identify the flavors that are coming from both red wine and raw dark chocolate. The more acid element the raw dark chocolate contains the more acidic the red wine should be.

The more tannins (astringent components that give red wine its structure) are in the red wine, the more complimentary fat contained in the food will be.

The good fat contained in the sprouted nuts and sprouted seeds of our artisanal creations make for a perfect match.

Our artisan raw dark chocolate truffles can be characterized as bittersweet. Their content in raw cacao is 88%, which is exceptionally high, but the acidity of the raw cacao is softened by the fat of the sprouted nuts in the truffle.

Red wine with a strong roasted flavor and a raw dark chocolate hint can be an amazing association for HNINA's gourmet raw dark chocolate truffles.

Cabernets, California Zinfandel, Australian Shiraz, Spanish Grenache and French Bordeaux generally have been pairing really well with our raw dark chocolate truffles.

Indeed, wine's audacious fruity aromas harmonize perfectly with the nutty flavor and texture of HNINA's raw dark chocolate truffles.

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