This city is so eclectic and is leading most of the latest trends in term of entertainment, fashion and… food. Yes, LA is HOT!!! But because Los Angeles is SO HOT all year long we must protect our handcrafted healthy gourmet chocolates. Our vegan raw chocolate prefers cool weather and is heat sensitive. This is the reason why we labored to develop a strict policy and "cold" protocol which we adhere to in order to keep them fresh and beautiful until they arrive to you. It is quite a challenge but we do hope it is worth it. 

Controlled Temperature Package Cost and Process 
Our chocolates are premium quality handmade with raw organic living noble ingredients and contain no dairy or preservatives. They can melt during warm weather. Shipping trucks are NOT equipped with air conditioning. To ensure maximum freshness and protection, our boxes are carefully packed with special insulated bags or boxes with ice gel packs. We use recyclable insulation & ice packs to keep your chocolates cool and fresh. We do strive to leave the lightest possible footprint on the environment and have selected temperature control and insulation packaging materials that are reusable for many applications in which you wish to keep food or other items cool. We would be delighted to see you get more use out of these costly materials.

Recommended shipping methods when expected temperatures in Los Angeles, the anticipated package route or destination are:

Below 70 degrees Fahrenheit (generally autumn, winter):
Ground (1 to 4 business days in transit).
Priority (2 to 3 business days in transit).
Express (1-2 business days in transit).
Next Day Air Saver / Overnight (1 business day in transit).

70-80 degrees Fahrenheit (generally spring, summer):
Ground (1-2 business days in transit - Only for CA, NV, AR, UT). 
Priority (2 business days in transit).
Express (1-2 business days in transit).
Next Day Air Saver / Overnight (1 business day in transit).

Over 80 degrees Fahrenheit (generally summer, sometimes spring):*
Next Day Air Saver / Overnight (1 business day in transit).

*We will use our discretion whether to ship or wait when a slower shipping method is used than recommended.  Generally we can time shipments to minimize the chance of damage.  However, chocolate will melt if left in direct sunlight or an enclosed area like a mailbox for even a short time regardless of the outdoor temperature.  We therefore cannot guarantee against any damage due to heat.

We strongly recommend arranging for someone to receive the shipment in person to avoid damage from being left outside. 

If you choose a shipping option which becomes unavailable because of the expected temperatures, we will contact you and advise you of the available options.

Lead Time and Shipping notes
It is quite a challenge to navigate the weather. But we try to coordinate the deliveries so that the order arrives ASAP to you. When the weather is not a factor, we strive to ship a package no later than 5 business days from order, but most orders are processed faster.

We are not responsible if the package does not reach its final recipient. We also cannot be responsible for any delays due to weather, incorrect addresses or other carrier related delays.

For further information about temperature conditions worldwide:

Damaged Product, Heat Damaged Product and Return Policy

Due to the hand-made and custom nature of each order, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. That stated, we do stand behind our product, and in the event our product is defective, or our shipping company's delay causes the product to arrive damaged, we will on a case by case basis review the matter and may determine that a refund or exchange is warranted. Please contact us within 2 days after receiving your order at and we will contact you promptly.

Package Tracking Number

Once your order is shipped we will send you an email with tracking details. You will then be able to track your package.

Sales Taxes

State sales taxes are automatically charged on all orders when applicable.  Chocolate and similar food products are sales tax exempt in the US.


We do not ship to APO & FPO locations. PO boxes are not recommended for chocolate orders.  If FedEx is offered as a shipping option, it will not ship to PO boxes.  Please be sure to indicate appropriate suite or apartment number when necessary to ensure proper delivery. We will not offer any refunds or replacements if chocolates are not deliverable or accepted by the recipient.

Any additional costs incurred due to an incorrect address will be the responsibility of the customer. Please note that incorrect order information could result in a delay of your shipment, since we will need to contact you to inquire about the error.

You will receive an email notification that your order has been shipped if you have provided us a valid email address.

Some email servers reject emails or direct them to the spam folder.  It is advisable to place our email address in your email contacts.  That may reduce the chance of it being spammed.


We primarily use USPS but we may offer other carries as options.  We reserve the right to use an alternate carrier or shipping class from the one you choose, so long as the alternative is at least as fast.

International Orders

Shipping rates for international orders are often based on flat rates and may be lesser or greater than our actual cost.  If you have any problem placing an international order or would like to verify whether actual postage rates could be lower, please contact us at

Weekends and Holidays

If you are shipping a package over a weekend, your package will be held until the following week to ensure minimal time in transit. 

Weekends, holidays and certain dates during high volume seasons may be busy and therefore a delay may be expected. We recommend placing orders sufficiently before weekends and such holidays to avoid delivery delays and possible heat damage. Our insulation system to ship our chocolate is able to protect the product for only two days when temperatures outside are over 75 degrees and only one day when they are over 80 degrees.

Event and Future Date delivery

To place an order with a precise delivery date in the future, please contact us directly at

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